Ostore Salar Kavir Company located in Kerman (Sirjan) has been established in 2016. We have started our activity of producing pistachio to present all varieties of pistachio with high quality in the World Market in bulk and packing. This company works under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture of Iran with registration number 4098 and business card No. 3179110481 to the manger Mohsen Zeidabadi Nejad.

The Company Goals

To supply the high-grade and quality of pistachio from the garden production step, principled harvesting, hygienic treatment and export to all over the world  

Business means a healthy relationship between seller and customer and the customer is the main member of the seller family.so we must always guarantee our selling products.in Osk,we commit ourselves to satisfy buyer's requirements.

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Manager: Mohsen ZeydAbadi

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Magnesium 120,000 mg

Vitamin A 533,000 IU

Calcium & iron 108,000&1,700mg

Vitamin C2,300 mg

Vitamin B6 1,700 mg

Minerals and vitamins in 100g of pistachios

Digestible pulp 10,300 g

Nutrition and vitamins in 100 g of pistachios

Energy value 567,000 Kcal

Water 2,030 g

Proteins 21,240 g

Fats 45,730 g

Saturated fat acid 5,525 g

Phosphorus 485,000 mg