Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels
Since unripened crops tend to yield better green hue, half-ripened and fresh crops are harvested and then the inner skin is peeled.

Based on the intensity of green color, it is categorized as S (Supreme) - (intense dark green), and A (dark green), B (bright green), C (very bright green) and D (Yellow-green).

GPPK is mostly used as an ingredient in chocolates, sausages, ice-creams and pastries.


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Magnesium 120,000 mg

Vitamin A 533,000 IU

Calcium & iron 108,000&1,700mg

Vitamin C2,300 mg

Vitamin B6 1,700 mg

Minerals and vitamins in 100g of pistachios

Digestible pulp 10,300 g

Nutrition and vitamins in 100 g of pistachios

Energy value 567,000 Kcal

Water 2,030 g

Proteins 21,240 g

Fats 45,730 g

Saturated fat acid 5,525 g

Phosphorus 485,000 mg