The English name of pistachio is derived from “Pisteh”, which is a Persian name.

Pistachio trees originally come from the Middle East, Persia (Iran), Turkey, and Greece where dry lands and desert climates are available. Pistachio trees have been cultivated for more than three thousands years.

Persian high positioned desert regions with abundance of sunshine are ideal for growing pistachios. Some deserts located in the south of Iran such as in the Kerman province .

The biggest major farms of pistachio belonged to Iran. That's why Iranians are more interested in Pistachio, and during the last 100 years, Iran has been the biggest and most important of Pistachio grower and trader. Naturally this situation causes that Iran gain considerable success and progress in different processes of sowing, fostering and harvesting of pistachio. Now Sirjan, in Kerman province is the best region of pistachio in Iran and the world.  Currently more than 350 thousand hectares of fertile and non-fertile pistachio orchards in the country, there are about 280 thousand hectares of the province of Kerman.

The trees begin to bloom with the arrival of warm weather in late March. The male pollinates the female via the April winds, and the shell of the nut is fully developed by mid-May. Before June ends, the seed inside the shell has begun its rapid expansion and by the first of August, the seed has filled the shell. The nuts, splitting at the seams, are usually ready to be harvested beginning September 10th.
Harvest of pistachio includes picking the fruits from the trees by hand, separating the outer hull from the hard shell and washing by machines then dry it in the sun. Then separate cracked nuts from closed nuts, sort and pack nuts using machines.

Health Benefits of Pistachio

Healthy Heart: One of the biggest health benefits of pistachios is that they are heart-friendly nuts. Research suggests that regular pistachio consumption can decrease the levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the body. The antioxidants, phytosterols, unsaturated fatty acids (both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids) are great for promoting a healthy heart.

Weight Management: Pistachios are also the first choice for people who are dieting. Evidence shows that pistachios, with their lower calories, high protein, low saturated fat, and high unsaturated fats, are an ideal contender as compared to other nuts and dried fruits for ideal.

It cause to longevity.

It away Alzheimer's disease from human.

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Magnesium 120,000 mg

Vitamin A 533,000 IU

Calcium & iron 108,000&1,700mg

Vitamin C2,300 mg

Vitamin B6 1,700 mg

Minerals and vitamins in 100g of pistachios

Digestible pulp 10,300 g

Nutrition and vitamins in 100 g of pistachios

Energy value 567,000 Kcal

Water 2,030 g

Proteins 21,240 g

Fats 45,730 g

Saturated fat acid 5,525 g

Phosphorus 485,000 mg