About us

OSTORE SALAR KAVIR has more than 50 years of experience in planting and producing high quality Iranian pistachio in Sirjan (World Pistachio Center).

No aflatoxin

OSTORE SALAR KAVIR Pistachio Production Center directs produces from Farm to factory with the best quality, more than 18 types of pistachio and pistachio kernels organically licensed, such as the aflatoxin World Certificate and SGS certified to send and receive customer requests to all over the world.

reasonable prices and best packaging

The world-class experienced and technology-enabled team enables OSTORE SALAR KAVIR company to deliver pistachios to customers at reasonable prices and best packaging in a short time.

We are also able to supply orders in terms of quality, price and packing according to our customers' request.


The company annually exports a significant amount of tonnage to various countries around the world like Europe, Jordan, Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, India, Syria, Russia, Iraq, Germany and France. We are always looking for new markets too

We are able and can supply you with the quantity of Pistachio Nuts monthly or Yearly which you want without any problem and we always do packing according to how the customer will prefer in bale bags.

We assure you that you are going to enjoy a good business relationship with our company and we will be happy to get involve in a long term business relationship with your esteem company.

Regarding our quality, we have Grade A Pistachio Nuts and you will enjoy the quality, so no need to doubt our quality.

We are going to supply you the demand specification as you have requested. And we will do packing according to your order

Our company deal with the sales of best quality nuts both raw and roasted and we are one of the largest suppliers of these nuts from our country Iran We are very reliable and responsible company with effective business satisfaction and long term business trust and confidence.

We do all our shipment with Original document to your Port of destination.

Our product meets international standards with Certificates that accompanying shipment. Because we want to establish a very gigantic business transaction to our customers interest and desire, offered by us, is in compliance with high-quality standards of the industry.

It is the Company's policy to offer this price best price per ton to you as a first time buyer and also because this is a trial Order and moreover as a way of furthering bilateral ties with your Company and keep a respectful business relationship and transaction forever.

Meanwhile should you have any further positive suggestions that will improve the business atmosphere please send to us We promise you a very long term and perfect business relationship and forever.