iranian pistachio

Iranian pistachio is the most famous pistachio in the world, which is popular all over the world for its excellent quality and rich food.

It is also one of the most important components of Iranian nuts that all Iranians have these nuts on their seven-S table in new year celebration.

Iranian pistachio is widely used in the confectionery industry due to its high quality and basically, many famous pastries around the world use Iranian pistachios in their baking.

Butter of Pistachio

Also Iran pistachios can be buttered and consumed. To make this butter, first grind the pistachio kernel and add it with sugar or natural sweeteners such as honey and nectar and other flavors such as cardamom.

It is widely used by children and athletes because of its high nutritional value and rapid absorption.

The oil from this pistachio butter has no cholesterol. Pistachio properties are also preserved in the production of this product without any chemical or thermal process.

Pistachio butter can be served with different tastes:

*With bread as a complete breakfast * As the complete evening meal * For the confectionery industry * For decorating ice cream and cake Uses of Pistachio Shelled:

Fresh pistachio shelled is very useful for the treatment of the following diseases

  • Tranquilizer of Stomach * Eliminate bad breath * Chewing it heals the sores in the mouth * For gum strength * Stewing is useful for relieving diarrhea and also for relieving hiccups

It can also be made a delicious pickle with fresh pistachio shelled. From the peel of pistachio is produced a plant material that can be used in the pharmaceutical, paint, leather and petroleum industries.

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