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The European Union is the largest buyer of Iranian pistachios compared to American pistachios. The European Union (28 countries) is the largest target for the export of tree nuts from the United States, with 32% of total purchases of dried fruits produced in the United States in 2017, as well as its largest share in
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First of all, I would like to emphasize my experience with my observations of my own gardens. In this regard, three points were more prominent for me: What was very interesting for me this year is not the beginning of 1398, it is related to the effects of climate and irregularities created in 1396 and
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It is a pleasure to taste success in sharing it with others. Richard Matoyan, president of the American Pistachio Growers Association (APG), is a tireless spokesman for the American pistachio industry. Early in the flowering season for pistachio trees (10 days ago), Matoyan published a report on the state of the American pistachio industry: “How
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Although there were restrictions due to the spread of the corona, we were able to export reasonably well this year as well. Iran’s dried fruit exports to Arab countries, India and Europe, which of course has decreased to some extent, and currently most of our exports are to China, which is often for their own
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What are the ways to increase pistachio yield? Pistachio trees may not be economically viable every year. Therefore, most pistachio growers are worried about their product and want to have more quality products. But what should be done to increase the pistachio crop? It all comes down to farming experience and using the right farming
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Akbari pistachio is a new type of pistachio, and is one of the best pistachio cultivars in Iran. Among the types of pistachios, it is in the group of stretched pistachios. It has a large and elongated kernel (stretched in the shape of an almond) and is larger than Ahmad Aghaei’s type, which is why
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Koleghoochi pistachio with Akbari pistachio Quality and expensive pistachios are considered to be the market for this type of Pistachios have a good domestic and foreign market, which is a very high amount every year This type of pistachio is exported abroad. This type of pistachio is a low-growing tree And the leaf area of
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Familiarity with different types of Iranian pistachios Iranian pistachio Pistacia vera is found in the form of dense forests in northeastern Iran. One of the most widespread and famous types of Iranian pistachios is hazelnut pistachio and also the largest Iranian pistachio is Koleghoochi pistachio. Iranian pistachio family! Ouhadi pistachio: It is one of the
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The origin of pistachios in Iran dates back to the Achaemenid period, ie about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. It is thought that the wild forests and pistachio trees in Iran were domesticated and cultivated about 3 to 4 thousand years ago and then transferred from Iran to other parts of the world, especially to
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Annually, about 600,000 tons of pistachios are produced in the world, of which Iran was the first producer of this product with a production of 200,000 tons, but since last year, it has overtaken Iran as the second competitor and our country has become the second largest producer of pistachios. According to the Agricultural Reporter