Annually, about 600,000 tons of pistachios are produced in the world, of which Iran was the first producer of this product with a production of 200,000 tons, but since last year, it has overtaken Iran as the second competitor and our country has become the second largest producer of pistachios.

According to the Agricultural Reporter of Iran Students News Agency (ISNA), Iran was in the first platform of world pistachio production until last year, but since last year, the United States achieved more production by increasing the area under cultivation and increasing yield per unit area and Iran is the second largest producer of this product. شد.

Last year, 160,000 tons of pistachios were harvested in our country. According to the customs statistics of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 108,000 tons of this product worth $ 797 million were exported, which decreased by 4.5% in weight and 2.9% in Rials compared to 2010.

This year, according to the forecast of the president of the Pistachio Association, 200,000 tons of products will be harvested from the country’s orchards, which has more than one billion dollars of export value for the country.

Mohsen Jalalpour told ISNA: “Since last year, the United States has been ranked first in the world in pistachio production, but due to the fact that this country consumes the most production in its domestic market, its exports are less than Iran and our country is still in Pistachio exports are ranked first in the world.

According to him, the United States is Iran’s main competitor in the production and export of pistachios; As last year it had a production of 200,000 tons and this year its production will reach 300,000 tons.

Jalalpour stated: This year is a pistachio year when about 110 thousand tons of this product from the gardens of Kerman province, 40 thousand tons from Khorasan Razavi province and 50 thousand tons from the provinces of South and North Khorasan, Qom, Markazi, Sistan and Baluchestan, Fars, Semnan and Yazd will be harvested.

90% of the pistachio economy is export economy and only 10 to 15% of this product is consumed in the domestic market; So that last year, out of 160,000 tons of pistachios, 25,000 tons were consumed in the Iranian market.

According to the customs statistics of the country’s smiling pistachio exports in the first quarter of this year, $ 98.8 million, $ 37 million of unsweetened pistachios, $ 49.5 million of pistachio kernels, $ 8.6 million of pistachio kernels without skin and pistachio kernels of $ 8.6 million and other fresh or dried pistachios $ 21.7 million. It has been a dollar.

Germany, Uzbekistan, UAE, Ukraine, Belgium, Tajikistan, Taiwan, Syria, Iraq, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and India were Iran’s largest export pistachio markets in the first four months of this year. Among these markets, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Iraq had the largest exports.

Also, every year, about 20% of Iranian pistachios are harvested in bulk to produce green kernels and exported to European, American and Japanese markets.

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