Pistachio in the group of nuts and nuts is one of the best sources of potassium, the amount of potassium in this small body is equal to the potassium of oranges. This juicy and colorful seed, although small in size and size, but its healing and nutritional properties are so great that it can control many diseases in the body. If you care about your health, if it is important for you to have healthy skin and hair, it is better to include pistachio consumption in your weekly routine.

To improve gastrointestinal function

One of the healing properties of pistachio is its effect on the functioning of the digestive system. Because pistachios are one of the kernels that contain the most fiber, they can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar in addition to improving digestion. People who eat 15 grams of fresh pistachios during the week can benefit from the healing properties of pistachios. The only important thing about pistachio consumption is that it should not be consumed more than 18 grams during the week. Because excessive consumption of pistachios increases the amount of fat and protein in the blood.

Why should girls eat pistachios?

Common anemia among girls and women after puberty is one of the cases that can be compensated by including fresh pistachios in the food basket of this group. Girls who consume the right amount of pistachios during the week can help control and prevent anemia. Pistachio is one of the nuts that in addition to iron, contains vitamins 1B, 6B and E, which can help balance the appetite of girls in puberty and strengthen the body’s nerve cells.

In some texts of traditional medicine, a concoction is mentioned which is prepared from a combination of pistachio, sugar and cardamom. In ancient times, grandmothers used to prepare this potion for women who had just given birth so that they could gain strength by consuming this potion and finish their recovery period faster. To prepare this concoction, which can help strengthen girls’ vigor during menstruation, raw pistachios were beaten with sugar and a little cardamom was added to it. Consumption of this potion as a useful food can help increase the strength and vigor of girls and women in between meals.

How to keep smiling pistachios

From the perspective of traditional medicine, the consumption of nuts and kernels and oilseeds is recommended to people in conditions where the nuts are of good quality and generally have the following conditions:

The best way to store nuts is to keep them in the freezer to prevent aflatoxin from growing on the surface of the seeds and kernels. Consumption of this mushroom is carcinogenic and families should be very careful in this regard.

Raw nuts are the best choice for Eid parties because fats and some of the nutrients in nuts, such as fat-soluble vitamins A‌ and E, are lost by roasting or adding salt.

There are ways to identify good quality nuts, the simplest and most practical of which is to check the color, smell and appearance of the nuts. The kernels of the nuts should be white or their natural color and the nuts should not smell old.

Important note

Avoid mixing nuts with beer and various beverages. Drinking these foods causes bloating and pain.

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