Consuming certain foods can boost the immune system, To strengthen the immune system and prevent disease and pathogens, especially coronavirus, at this point in time, nutritional and nutritional recommendations for nutrition and nutrition must also be taken seriously.

Pistachio is one of the important and stable members of Iranian nuts whose potassium content with this small size is similar to orange potassium and is very important due to its nutrients. Pistachio is also a very rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, fats and dietary fiber.

Pistachios are also rich in minerals, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, copper and sodium

These nuts contain essential vitamins, such as: Vitamin C, B6, A, Ka, Thiamin, Folate, Choline, Acid and Betaine

Pistachios, because of their rich source of Vitamin B6, can improve the immune system; they strengthen the immune system and are effective in preventing various infections and cancers.

Pistachio is also a hot food item as you know by eating warmth and keeping the environment of the corona virus dead.

The presence of vitamins A, A in pistachios that have antioxidant agents to eliminate and even prevent infection problems.

Due to the properties of pistachio in these critical situations, it can be one of the rich food sources to prevent coronavirus.

iran pistachio

Fortunately, Iran is the center of pistachio production in the world and this product can easily be made available to everyone. And its daily intake is supplemented with useful foods to prevent coronavirus.

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