The best soil texture for pistachio planting is sand loam (60-70% sand, 20-30% silt or clay and 10-20% clay). Qualitative criteria for suitable water for pistachio orchard irrigation are: Maximum salinity of 4 mM / cm (Irrigation with salinity of 8 mM / cm for pistachio trees is also recommended). Maximum sodium uptake ratio 15 (for SAR greater than 15, water Ec should also be more than 3 mM / cm), maximum chlorine irrigation water 10 mW, maximum concentration 2 ppm, maximum bicarbonate (Hco3) 5 8.8 mV / L, maximum sulfate (So4) 10 mV / L, maximum residual sodium carbonate (RSC) 2.5, maximum magnesium concentration 5 mM Now l (Mg concentration of calcium concentration in irrigation water should be lower than that), the maximum amount of total dissolved solids, or TDS 2000 mg per liter. If the soil is suitable for the garden site, the planting site should be at least 1 m wide and 2 m deep with a single shovel. It should be approximately 1-2% if submerged and surface irrigation systems are selected. Planting of seedlings or seeds should not be done in hot water and at the tips of the ridges, and it is best to choose a plant lower than hot water.The planting plan should include the location of the rows of planting, the location of the male trees, the location of the main and secondary streets, Determine the location of the windbreaks, the main and secondary waterways, etc. The stack atmosphere for seed or seedling planting should be between 50 and 100 The planting area should be about 10 cm high and cover about 5 cm of water during irrigation, planting distance of at least 2-3 m and row spacing. Trees should be at least 5-6 m, irrigation interval for pistachio seedlings is 7 days in first year and 14 days in second year, for transplanting pistachio seedlings, 2 to 3 year old seedlings are seeded in March and after bud growth. Lateral on top of pedestal, about 3 lateral branches are preserved on the main pedestal and other branches are removed. The best time for transplanting pistachio seedlings is mainly in late May to early June. The ratio of male to female trees is 1: 9. Pruning is a suitable form for pistachio trees, pruning of the cup and parasitic form. Pistachio is the fruit of pistachio tree. Pistachio tree was first found in Turkey and Iran. At that time, pistachios were the food of the nobility. In later years, it was used only for celebrations and parties. It was later eaten in a variety of desserts, sweets, ice cream and even as an appetizer. This seed became known as the “smiling nuts” because of its shape.

Pistachio is used as a herbal and potent food and a cure for many diseases.

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