Salted pistachios are used on various occasions by us Iranians, the price of which is higher in purchase, so by knowing how to salt raw pistachios, we can easily prepare our nuts at home.

Pistachio nuts are a mysterious and everlasting nut dish. In all stores and shops of nuts and dried fruits, this delicious Iranian product can be found both in salted form and in raw form.

Its sales increase on special occasions in Iran such as Nowruz night, Yalda night, Syrian Wednesday night and other celebrations. Salting of pistachios is mainly done in factories and using processing machines.

Many people like to roast pistachios that they have bought raw at home with their own facilities.

An advantage of salting pistachios at home, perhaps, is that any kind of flavoring such as salt, saffron, pepper, lemon juice and vinegar can be used and even increase or decrease their amount as desired.

But the main question for many housewives is how to salt this raw pistachio?

We refer to the traditional method that has been common in homes for a long time. To salt pistachios, raw pistachios, water, salt, other flavors (such as saffron, lemon juice, vinegar, etc.), a tray or oven is needed. Pistachios are washed and dried after being removed from the tree and peeled, so there is no need to wash them again.

Pour the pistachios into a large tray and then stir them constantly over low heat until all parts of the pistachios are well roasted, so that the color is raw and pale brown or orange. Is coming.

Make sure that the stove flame is not too high so that the pistachio does not burn and that the stirring time is not too long, even with a low flame.

In the next step, dissolve some salt according to your taste and the amount of pistachios in the water. If you just want to salt it, salt is enough, otherwise you can mix saffron or other flavoring with this salt water solution.

It is worth mentioning that if you want the taste of pistachio to be slightly sour and its color to be red and red, you can use lemon juice or vinegar in small amounts.

Finally, put the pistachios back on low heat, and add the desired solution to the pistachios and stir well until all the pistachios are completely soaked with this salt water solution.

Continue frying and stirring until the moisture in the pistachios is dry and only the salt grains remain on the desired pistachios and tray. But be careful not to burn the pistachios.

Finally, by eating a few roasted pistachio seeds, measure its moisture and wetness. If the pistachio was slightly wet, place it on a large tray for a day to dry completely.

Raw pistachios can be easily salted with a little time and with the least necessary ingredients. By salting pistachios at home, you can avoid buying salted pistachios at high prices in stores.

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