Familiarity with different types of Iranian pistachios

Iranian pistachio Pistacia vera is found in the form of dense forests in northeastern Iran. One of the most widespread and famous types of Iranian pistachios is hazelnut pistachio and also the largest Iranian pistachio is Koleghoochi pistachio.

Rooting of Iranian pistachio tree:

The root of the Iranian pistachio tree is axial and vertical and sinks into the soil to a depth of more than two meters. The production capacity of the sub-root in the Iranian pistachio tree is very weak and whenever the end of the main root is cut, the pistachio tree dries out and disappears. Persian pistachio tree is accustomed to vertical growth. The origin of pistachio trees has been in the territory of Iran.

Iranian pistachio is a seed that makes you smile:

The method of propagation of Iranian pistachio is through sowing seeds and seedlings and pistachio is a plant that has been cultivated in Iran for a long time.

Different methods of planting Iranian pistachio seedlings include:

o Planting in the main land

o Planting in the treasury

o Planting in plastic bags and …

Iranian pistachios in the traditional way to date:

In the past, Iranian pistachios were peeled, smoked and dried in the traditional way, but now it is done in mechanized workshops and factories.

General strengthening of the body with Iranian pistachio kernels:

The pistachio kernel, which is the edible part of the pistachio, is green with a delicate light brown skin that does not need to be removed before eating.

Pistachio kernel has a warm nature and has been used by humans as one of the pleasant, useful and invigorating foods since ancient times and has been included in the composition of some foods. Pistachio kernel is prescribed for general strengthening of the body and has been introduced as a blood-producing substance and stimulant of the active forces of the body.

Iranian pistachio family!

Ouhadi pistachio: It is one of the most widespread and famous types of Iranian pistachios that has the shape of a hazelnut and it is also called hazelnut pistachio.

Koleghoochi pistachio: It is the largest type of Iranian pistachio and it is most famous for its appearance.

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio: This type of pistachio, in addition to its size and size, is different from other pistachios in terms of taste and has an almond shape.

Akbari pistachio: This type of pistachio is characterized by elongated and large almond shape.

Qazvini pistachio: This type of Iranian pistachio has green kernels and is mainly sold as kernels and is mostly used in confectionery.

Pistachio kernel: Pistachio kernel, which is mainly prepared from closed-mouth pistachios and is used in the confectionery, ice cream, chocolate and other food industries. Pistachio kernels have several grades: very dark green, dark green, light green and very light green.

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