Akbari pistachio is a new type of pistachio, and is one of the best pistachio cultivars in Iran.

Among the types of pistachios, it is in the group of stretched pistachios.

It has a large and elongated kernel (stretched in the shape of an almond) and is larger than Ahmad Aghaei’s type, which is why it is called Super Long Pistachio in the world markets.

Akbari Pistachio

Is one of the most important commercial cultivars in the field of luxury nuts; And it is large in size.

The best type is chuck on both sides with low ounce. The production of this type of pistachio is mostly specific to Iran. Its only major producer is Iran.

This type of pistachio is mostly harvested in Feyzabad region of Khorasan, Rafsanjan and Sirjan pomegranate.

Export of Akbari pistachios

This type of pistachio is hardly able to obtain valid EU standard certificates.

Because the most important issue for EU countries is health standards

The most difficult of these is the aflatoxin certification, since Akbari pistachios remain on the tree longer than other pistachios until ripening and harvesting.

In the last days of the harvest season, the most aflatoxin pest is absorbed by this type of pistachio.

Quality of Akbari pistachio

Usually three degrees can be determined for Akbari pistachio.

First degree or natural smiling: In this type of pistachio is 100% natural and smiling on the tree.

It is usually found in sizes from 18 grains to 28 grains.

Pistachio Akbari Sirjan

Grade 2 or Class B: This type of dominant pistachio is obtained from a mixture of smiling and smoked natural pistachios. It has mediocre quality as well as mediocre price. This product is usually exported to all countries.

Grade 3 or smoked: This type of pistachio is actually the same as Akbari pistachio with a closed mouth, which is mechanically smoked after harvest. The quality of this type of pistachio is lower and as a result it has a much cheaper price.

Iraq and Russia are the main customers of this type of pistachio.

In ancient times, Akbar was a gentleman in the city of Anar. This Akbar Agha used to graft different grafts on trees every day, and the result of these grafts was a tall pistachio with a special and general reputation.

The pistachio that was later named Akbari and this name is derived from its creator Mr. Akbar Tajabadi.

From that day on, the pomegranate people abandoned Koleghoochi pistachio and hazelnut pistachio and started grafting Akbari pistachio and this pistachio became universal.

At present, the city of Anar has 35,000 hectares of pistachio orchards; And each hectare yields 1000 to 1200 kg.

Akbari pistachio does not bear fruit so easily.

Many categories are used. Seasonal and permanent workers come to pomegranates from different cities.

Pistachio that bears fruit with all the suffering of love. There is still a long way to go before it becomes your guest house. This was the story of Akbari pistachio, the pistachio that is the guest of your joys.

Popular food among the people of the world. Pistachio that with great difficulty of the pomegranate people was able to open a special place among the types of pistachios in Iran.

Profile of Akbari pistachio fruit

The tip of the skin is green and the skin is red when the fruit is ripe.

The fracture position of the bony skin is equal in the abdomen and back, and the pistachio shape is elongated rectangular.

The upper color of the brain is purple-brown and the skin color of the bone is dark cream; And

The surface color of the kernel is purple-brown and the background color of the kernel is light yellow and the ripening of the fruit starts from the tip.

The length of dried pistachios is 12.22 mm (high), the width of dried pistachios is 61.12 mm (high).

Characteristics of Akbari pistachio tree

This species has medium growth power and extensive growth habit.

The average height of a tree is 3 meters

In this figure, leaf length is 4.15 mm (medium) and leaf width is 4.4 mm (low).

The size of the terminal leaflet is larger than the lateral leaflets

In addition, the shape of the end leaflet is a wide spear.

Cluster of this type of pistachio has an approximate weight of 51.6 grams, the weight of dried pistachio in each cluster is 15.4 grams. This cultivar has large pistachios with 20 (low) smiling ounces.

Fruiting of Akbari pistachio

The onset of rapid fetal growth is 10 July and the time of fruit ripening is 31 September (late).

The beginning of flowering of this cultivar is 21 April (late flowering) and the final stage of flowering is 26 April and the duration of flowering period is 11 days.

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