Healing properties of coriander (wild pistachio)

1- Its fresh nature is hot and dry and its dryness is very hot and dry.

2- Eating coriander fruit is useful to strengthen sexual power.

3- Coriander is diuretic and diuretic.

4- For the treatment of simple diarrhea, the bark and leaves of this plant can be brewed


5. Coriander can be used to cure anemia, usually in local foods

Like curd, they use coriander instead of walnuts.

6- For back pain and joint pains, the oil of this plant can be rubbed on the back.

7- Coriander pickle can be used to cleanse the liver and relieve headaches.

8- To burn the hair, its burnt poultice is used. This poultice for

Pathology is also appropriate.

9- Eating too much of it is harmful for hot tempers.

10- Coriander oil can be used to smooth the sound.

11- For the disease and paralysis, apply a little coriander oil and massage the organ with it.

12- Eating coriander oil is useful for jaundice.

13- Those who have difficulty urinating should use coriander oil.

14- The amount of eating coriander oil is about 10 grams.

15- To strengthen the nerves, beat the coriander and mix it with sugar.

16- Eating coriander fruit halva strengthens memory.

17- Coriander fruit should be used for kidney and excretion of small stones.

18- Coriander oil and fruit cleanse the chest and lungs.

19. Those who want to gain weight, coriander, peanuts, almonds

And beat the sugar.

20- To lighten the skin color of the face, pound the coriander as a mask

Apply to facial skin.

21- Eating coriander prevents lip cracking.

22- Coriander is useful for treating night blindness. 23- Those who have soft bones should use coriande

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