Recent studies at Pennsylvania State University have found that eating a few pistachio kernels (which contain healthy compounds and a low-fat diet) daily can significantly lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels. Lowering bad cholesterol levels means keeping the body’s arteries open and completing the heart’s blood supply.

“Our studies have shown that pistachios are a healthy diet for the heart, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in humans,” said Dr. Penny-Chris-Etherton. Pistachios are rich in the antioxidant lutein. Lutein is commonly found in green vegetables and light-colored fruits. Pistachio has a higher nutritional level among other nuts. “Pistachio lutein prevents cholesterol, which causes arteries to close.”

In one study, they even increased the amount of pistachios eaten by volunteers, and their experiments showed better results.

Pistachios and Europe, the Middle East and Asia

According to a popular belief in men in the Middle East and Asia, where more pistachios are found in their diet, the strength of masculinity and sperm quality and erection is higher than in Europe.

The ancient Greeks and Romans knew this and attributed it to the presence of pistachios in their food and sweets.

It is clear that high public wisdom helps maintain good health.

The University of Pennsylvania study added some important scientific suggestions for quality and healthy food:

Life-giving medicine

To maintain the health of the body and increase sexual potency, you need dried popcorn (without skin) without salt in the amount of one full cup and the same amount of natural animal honey.

Buy high quality honey. Mix honey and pistachios. Then tap into the blender and pour into a wide-mouthed glass, the mixture should be firm. Without a lid, place the glass in the sun for a week. The best month to make this mixture is summer. This elixir is ready after a week.

Eat two tablespoons of this elixir every morning with a few tablespoons of yogurt.

Be confident and positive about the reaction and result of this elixir.

Add pistachios to your diet

We recommend eating a handful of unsalted dried roasted pistachios daily between meals with this elixir. In this diet, not only will you increase your sexual potency, but your heart health will be guaranteed.

Another dietary suggestion is to add pistachio kernels to salads or low-fat cottage cheese and eat with grapes (in the season when grapes are found).

Occasionally, if available in your area, eat Turkish fruit sweets and the east-middle region containing pistachios. Even with sugar, pistachios have a positive effect on blood cholesterol.

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