Pistachio nuts have a special plant-based compound called tannin. It is used to heal burns, wounds and relieve inflammation. In addition, it is able to precipitate heavy metals, alkaloids and glycosides in case of poisoning.

Pistachio is not only a delicious nut, but also has many benefits for the body. As you know, these nuts can create vitality and mobility. Product processing technology does not mean the use of any foreign substances. It is never done in pistachios, which means that pistachios can be called environmentally friendly, natural and even medicinal products.

Pistachios are useful for women for the following reasons: weight loss; Improves skin condition; Help during pregnancy.

Slimming: Unlike almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts, pistachios are nutritious and fatter. There are only 100 calories in 30 pistachio kernels.

Pistachios are so nutritious that no matter how little you eat, you will soon feel full. Second, when we visually see a mound of peeled pistachio shells, we can tell how many nuts have been eaten, and it is time to stop eating them.

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