Pistachio: It is a kind of green and bright nuts that make everything look happier. In some countries it is known as a happy or smiling fruit. In fact, when the hard shell opens, it takes on a smiling shape. But this fruit has more properties than its good shape. Pistachio is a power plant, and even a world champion. The English name for pistachio is actually derived from Persian. Also known as green almonds. Pistachio is actually intertwined with Iranian culture and is present in almost all aspects of Iranian life. Pistachio plays an important role in all stories, literature, beliefs, traditions and ceremonies such as Nowruz and Yalda night. It is even used in weddings and funerals.

This fruit can be grown in very harsh climates such as very cold winters and very hot summers. This temperature can vary between minus 15 degrees Celsius and 45 degrees Celsius in summer, which is why desert areas are suitable for its growth. At present, Iran is at the top of the list of high quality pistachio producers with a production of 400,000 tons of pistachios. Research shows that more than sixty percent of pistachios are used in the production of ice cream and turmeric. Pistachios are also eaten roasted. This dried fruit has many health benefits, one of which is lowering blood cholesterol in the body. Pistachios contain antioxidants that are good for skin cells. Most vitamins are found in seeds that have several properties.

Why Iranian pistachios?

At present, Iran is at the top of the list of pistachio producers with the production of several hundred thousand tons of quality products. Iranian pistachio has several benefits that distinguish it from competitors. There are four main types of pistachios for customers. In addition, higher meat content is more valuable. The taste of Iranian pistachios is famous in the world. This flavor is enhanced by smelling pistachios at high temperatures. Smelling pistachios at high temperatures eliminates any bacterial contamination that may be present in the product.

The following is a list of the top 5 benefits of Iranian pistachios:


There are different types of Iranian pistachios, four of which have entered the world trade: hazelnut pistachios (40% of pistachio orchards) – Koleghoochi (20%) – Akbari (15%) – and Ahmad Aghaei (12). Percentage). Each type of pistachio has its own properties and taste.

More kernel size:

Persian pistachio has more brain than shell, which means that the buyer buys more kernel for the same amount of weight.

Properties of roasting:

Due to the higher unsaturated oil content, Iranian pistachio has the capacity to smell between 160 and 180 degrees Celsius. Being good-tasting brings a unique taste while destroying all the living bacteria of the raw fruit.

It is clear that being at a temperature of 120 degrees, which is recommended by some experts, will not bring the above two advantages


Over a long period of time, the superiority of Iranian pistachio flavors for consumers around the world has been proven. All four types of Iranian pistachios have their own unique taste and distinctive properties.

-Ability to buy and sell:

The large number of Iranian pistachio producers, buyers, exporters and importers creates conditions for intense competition in the market. As a result, Iran’s trade opportunities and pistachio sales become more fair. In the absence of excellent competition, the market may be priced and manipulated by influential players.

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