What are the ways to increase pistachio yield?

Pistachio trees may not be economically viable every year. Therefore, most pistachio growers are worried about their product and want to have more quality products. But what should be done to increase the pistachio crop? It all comes down to farming experience and using the right farming practices.

Proper method of pistachio farming has the greatest impact on yield and crop yield.

Prepare the ground or planting bed.

Planting seedlings and transplanting them.

Fertilize or feed the trees.

WATERING systems.


Plowing operation.

Spraying or foliar spraying.


It is difficult to succeed in pistachio farming operations, but by using the right methods and using new methods instead of old methods, it can make the way to success easier.

Pistachio farming is like the work of an architect, just as an architect starts drawing, designing and planning before building a building and considering all the issues, so should a farmer. Consider all the issues in advance, have a general plan of your garden, observe the tree rows and their distance well, and use new farming methods.

What causes pistachio farming?

As explained above, the first step to succeed in agriculture and increase pistachio production is design and planning. If the farmer continues to work with design, planning and principles, not only will he not face any problems, but he will improve and increase the yield of his garden.

A very important point in the construction of a pistachio garden is the choice of land. The pistachio orchard must eventually have a road on one side, that is, a road leading to the car, otherwise it will face big problems. These problems are:

When harvesting, trucks (tractors, trailers, etc.) can not approach the garden, which must be carried by manpower on a long way to the place of the machine.

Plowing or tillage of these lands is very difficult because garden tools have no way to enter and move.

Fertilization and foliar application of this type of land is difficult, which uses more manpower.

Therefore, any mechanized agricultural operation in lands that do not have access is very difficult!

A very important point is related to how to plant pistachio seedlings for wind, because pollination is done by wind. In this case, the best method is to plant a row of male trees at the edge of the garden in a direction perpendicular to the wind, so that pollination is good.

You can plant one male for every 10 to 15 female trees, so that pollination is good. Pollination operations are very important in pistachio agriculture. Because if this operation is not done well, it may cause crop emptiness, reduced crop or no fruiting.

Nutrition and irrigation are the most important factors in pistachio agriculture!

One of the most important factors in pistachio agriculture, especially at the age of growing trees, is nutrition and irrigation. Therefore, the important point at this stage is the methods of irrigation and feeding. There are several ways to feed pistachio trees that the farmer must pay attention to this important point and use the right way to feed to have the best agriculture and crop.

There are different methods of fertilizing or feeding, every farmer should be familiar with the types of fertilizers and methods of using it in order to feed the trees well. Types of fertilizers and methods of its use are as follows:

Types of fertilizers How to use

Foliar fertilizers – irrigation

Chalk manure

Sprayer Chemical Fertilizers – Chalk fertilizer

A very important point in pistachio agriculture is the method of using different types of fertilizers, some people pour animal manure on the soil surface and then mix it with plowing machines. This method of fertilization has no effect on trees, the best way is to use animal manure in the form of manure.

How to use animal manure as a fertilizer for pistachio trees

The application of animal manure for pistachio trees in the form of chalk fertilizer is as follows:

First dig a hole 40 to 50 cm deep (near the roots of the trees) along the row.

Pour the fertilizer into the hole and mix it with the hole soil.

Then fill the channel.

Warning: The use of animal manure for pistachio trees is in the form of manure, otherwise your nutrition will have no effect and you will suffer financial losses.

Most pistachio farmers use chemical fertilizers as a spray, which has a good effect, but the best way to use chemical fertilizers is as a fertilizer with animal fertilizers. As you know, liquid fertilizers are used as foliar application or irrigation fertilizers, so the important point when using liquid fertilizers is the time, amount and method of application.

The best way to irrigate pistachio trees

As you know, the most important factor in agriculture and increasing pistachio yield is irrigation. There are several methods for irrigating pistachio trees, including flood irrigation, atmospheric and ridge irrigation, and drip irrigation. Flood irrigation has been common for a long time and is still used, but it should be said that due to the lack of groundwater, flood irrigation periods have been extended, for example, the irrigation period has increased from 30 days to 50 to 60 days.

Although the pistachio tree is somewhat resistant to water shortage, its irrigation periods should not be prolonged, so the flood irrigation system is no longer suitable for pistachio trees due to excessive use of groundwater and lack of water, and it is better than new systems. Used irrigation such as pressurized irrigation system (drip irrigation).

 Advantages of drip irrigation system for pistachio trees:

Irrigation period is shortened, for example, once every 15 days.

Prevents excessive consumption of groundwater.

And it can be used as irrigation fertilizer.

Form and training of pistachio trees with pruning operations

One of the most important agricultural operations is pistachio and pruning. This operation makes you have better and juicier trees. The most important benefits of pruning pistachio trees are tree shape and shaping, tree lightening, harvesting more and healthier products, removing old branches and replacing young branches. win. If you want to have the best pistachio agriculture, it is better to remove the tree branches from the ground and guide the tree upwards and in a horizontal direction. Therefore, pruning operations cause the pistachio tree to form and shape, making foliar spraying and harvesting operations easier.

Tip: Do not forget that pruning is one of the most important factors that can help you succeed in pistachio farming!

What methods make us have the best pistachio agriculture?

There are different methods for pistachio farming operations, but which method should we use? Which method is easier? Well, in answer to this question, we can say that some methods have been common for a long time and are still used, some of these methods have had a good effect on pistachio agriculture, but some of them can be due to other climate changes Do not use!

For example, flood irrigation was common in the past and because there was no shortage of water before, this irrigation system had a good effect, but today this system is no longer good due to lack of water and it is better to use new irrigation systems. Among the new types of irrigation systems for trees and plants, drip irrigation is very suitable for pistachio trees today because it makes the irrigation period shorter and closer to each other.

In the old days, due to the lack of agricultural tools and equipment, more manpower was used, but today there are new tools and equipment that most agricultural operations are done mechanized. Mechanized agricultural operations make the work very easy and speed up the operation, but it should be noted that trees are not damaged when using agricultural tools and implements.

Use of organic or natural materials for pistachio orchards for organic farming

The use of organic (animal) fertilizers for pistachio orchards has long been common and is still used because experience and research show that the best fertilizers and nutrients for trees and plants are organic fertilizers that are completely natural or organic and increase yields. To be. Therefore, based on research and experience, as much as we can use organic and organic materials for nutrition, foliar application and spraying of trees, as a result, we will have healthier and organic trees and products.

Based on long-standing experience, it is better to use rotten manure, for example, if you buy fresh cow or poultry manure, pour it in the garden and expose it to the sun and air for a while until it is completely rotten, then use this fertilizer as a fertilizer. do.

The use of organic organic matter for spraying or foliar application of pistachio trees is very effective, but sometimes the trees are severely attacked by pests that have to use chemical pesticides to combat them. Here you can use toxins that are standard and approved by Jihad Keshavarzi.

When is the best time to carry out pistachio farming operations?

Each agricultural operation has its own time and must be done in time, for example:

Plowing and digging is best done in the winter after the first frost.

The best time to plant seedlings is early fall and early spring.

The time of spraying to prevent the fall of flowers and buds is in April.

Foliar application for the formation of hardened bony skin and brain formation in late June and early July.

The best time to fight the pest is before the pest erupts.

Note: Therefore, every pistachio farming operation must be done in time and in time to have the best pistachio farming!

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