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1. Winter fertilization operations Winter, which is the root of the dormant tree, is the best time to nourish and improve the soil. Winter nutrition includes phosphorus and potash fertilizers and micronutrients in the form of sulfate and animal manure. Due to the low mobility of potassium and phosphorus fertilizers as well as sulfates of
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The Covid virus got rid of Iran’s pistachio exports on July 10, and last year half of the pistachio crop was not exported and remained in exporters’ warehouses. The initial prediction was that we would have a good year ahead, given the good winters last year and the good rains in the first half of
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The prevalence of corona has affected the pistachio industry, so that the production, consumption and export of “green gold” in the world arena has fallen sharply and the chain of this product in our country has also faced challenges. The world pistachio industry has a turnover of several billion dollars a year, which is increasing
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Pistachio nuts have a special plant-based compound called tannin. It is used to heal burns, wounds and relieve inflammation. In addition, it is able to precipitate heavy metals, alkaloids and glycosides in case of poisoning. Pistachio is not only a delicious nut, but also has many benefits for the body. As you know, these nuts
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The best type of pistachio grows in Sirjan city of Kerman province. Due to the fertility of the soil in this region and the suitable climate for pistachio growth, it is of high quality and the world markets welcome this type of pistachio. According to the analyzes and studies that have been done on this
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Pistachio: It is a kind of green and bright nuts that make everything look happier. In some countries it is known as a happy or smiling fruit. In fact, when the hard shell opens, it takes on a smiling shape. But this fruit has more properties than its good shape. Pistachio is a power plant,
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A member of the board of directors of the Iranian Dried Fruit Exporters Union examined the most important events affecting the price of pistachios and the future prospects of the price of this long-distance non-oil export of the country. Speaking to Tasnim’s economic correspondent, Muzaffar Mohammadi said that 10 important factors have brought a bright
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Pistachio is one of the nuts that has a lot of fans and in addition it is very useful for health and is the solution to control many diseases. Convenient treatment of the disease by eating pistachios Eating pistachios is very good for human health. These delicious nuts have many benefits and are effective in
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Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world and pistachios are among the most valuable agricultural products in Iran. The export of pistachios and dates in Iran to other countries of the world has a long history and is considered as one of the traditional trade of Iran. In recent years,
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Pistachio name According to American Bertologist Loufer, who published a book about Iran in 1926, pistachio is important in ancient times in Iran, and the word pistachio in Greek, Latin and other European languages is derived from the name Iranian pistachio. The name of the tree was in ancient Persian Pistaka and in Middle Persian