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A look at the statistics of pistachio exports and production in 2020 shows that despite the trade war between the United States and China, the direct export of American pistachios to China has tripled. According to Pistachio Press, the American Pistachio Growers Association (APG) in its annual report entitled “Global Pistachio Trade in 2020” while
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Rafsanjan – The governor of Rafsanjan said: the work of creating a pistachio museum in Rafsanjan as the birthplace and origin of pistachios in Iran will be key next week. According to the Mehr correspondent, Majid Fassihi Harandi said on Wednesday night at the closing ceremony of the Employment Photo Festival: “Behind every good event,
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Pistachio in the group of nuts and nuts is one of the best sources of potassium, the amount of potassium in this small body is equal to the potassium of oranges. This juicy and colorful seed, although small in size and size, but its healing and nutritional properties are so great that it can control
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Salted pistachios are used on various occasions by us Iranians, the price of which is higher in purchase, so by knowing how to salt raw pistachios, we can easily prepare our nuts at home. Pistachio nuts are a mysterious and everlasting nut dish. In all stores and shops of nuts and dried fruits, this delicious
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Muhammad Ibn Jarir Tabari (3rd century AH) considered the emergence of pistachios to coincide with the establishment of Adam on the earth and wrote: Kernel fruits and ten types of skinless and kernel fruits, including: walnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc. Masoudi, a historian and traveler of the fourth century AH, wrote in his book, The Promoter
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Pistachio is one of the edible nuts with the highest amount of fiber and fat and is also rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids. Pistachio is not only one of the delicious edible nuts, but it is also known for its many health benefits. In this article, we are going to talk
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Familiarity with different types of Iranian pistachios Iranian pistachio Pistacia vera is found in the form of dense forests in northeastern Iran. One of the most widespread and famous types of Iranian pistachios is hazelnut pistachio and also the largest Iranian pistachio is Koleghoochi pistachio. Rooting of Iranian pistachio tree: The root of the Iranian
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According to research conducted by the Pistachio Research Institute of the country, in winter, when the trees are dormant, there is no need for irrigation, except in areas that suffer from water and soil salinity. In areas with saline soil and water, increased salinity in the root zone of trees may cause undergrowth of branches,
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Winter pruning of pistachio orchards Pruning is one of the horticultural operations that, along with other operations such as irrigation, fertilizing and feeding, pest and disease control, provides and guarantees better and more fruit production. Pruning of fruit trees is done in two general ways according to the age of the tree: The purpose of
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Pistachio tree, like other cold fruit trees, is pruned every year in winter when the plant is dormant. Winter pruning causes less weakness and further strengthening of the remaining buds of the tree. Pruning should be done after the fall leaves fall and before the buds swell in late winter. However, summer pruning is often