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There are many types of Iranian pistachios, but export pistachios are usually selected from a limited number of samples, which is the best type for each country. What points should be considered in choosing Iranian pistachios for export? This is quite appropriate for the target country, but generally the parameters that should be considered for
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Akbari pistachio with Super Long brand: Tree characteristics: This cultivar has medium growth power and extensive growth habit. The height of the tree is 297 cm (medium height) and the width of the canopy is 380 cm (high width). Flowering: The beginning of flowering of this cultivar is 21 April (late flowering) and the end
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Pistachio: It is a kind of green and light nuts that make everything look happier. In some countries it is known as a happy or smiling fruit. In fact, when the hard shell opens, it takes on the shape of a smile. But this fruit has more properties than its good shape. Pistachio is a
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Exports of agricultural products in the first 9 months of this year increased by 27.2% to 6.2 million tons and reached a value of $ 4.4 billion. According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by ISNA, Mehrdad Jamal Arvanghi – Technical and Customs Affairs Deputy of Iran Customs – announced the details of the export of agricultural products
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• Half a cup of melted butter (113 g) • Half a cup of sugar (100 g) • 1/8 cup brown sugar (25 g) • 1 large egg • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1 + 3/8 cup all-purpose flour (165 grams) Pistachios 3/4 cup powdered pistachios (100 g) • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder • 1/2
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Abolhassani, president of the Printing and Packaging Industry Union, said: “This industry, with the support of the government and the facilitation of laws, can become the first hub of printing and packaging in the region by preventing the sale of raw materials by taking orders from neighboring countries.” According to Bazaar, Ahmad Abolhassani, President of
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The United States and Iran have pioneered the production of pistachios in the world, followed by Turkey and Syria. Although Iran is the second largest exporter of pistachios to China, the supply shortage of this product, which existed in 2018-2019, continued last year. A look at the statistics of pistachio exports and production in 2020
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According to a reporter from, Kambiz Bazargan, head of the Agricultural Education and Extension Research Organization of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, said in a meeting with Ali Zinivand, the governor of Kerman: They have a special comparative advantage for the country He added: Saffron, pistachios, barberry and jujube are among the products that have
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The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Pistachio Association announced the doubling of pistachio exports in the last 3 months and said: “Unlike other agricultural products, pistachio growers benefit from 95% of the export price of their product.” In an interview with ILNA, Mohammad Salehi emphasized that the pistachio crop year begins
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Recent studies at Pennsylvania State University have found that eating a few pistachio kernels (which contain healthy compounds and a low-fat diet) daily can significantly lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels. Lowering bad cholesterol levels means keeping the body’s arteries open and completing the heart’s blood supply. “Our studies have shown that pistachios are a