There are many types of Iranian pistachios, but export pistachios are usually selected from a limited number of samples, which is the best type for each country. What points should be considered in choosing Iranian pistachios for export? This is quite appropriate for the target country, but generally the parameters that should be considered for countries include the standards of that country, consumption culture, the amount of demand at different times, market price elasticity and quality. For a better review and more familiarity with the analysis method to find the best export pistachios, we will separate some markets:
The best pistachios for export to Europe:
Pistachios can be used for export to Europe, but the most important issue for EU countries is health standards, the most difficult of which is the aflatoxin certificate in relation to Iranian pistachios. The same thing among the types of exported pistachios, which include Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, Koleghoochi, Badami and Hazelnut, largely eliminates the Akbari option because Akbari pistachios remain on the tree more than other types of pistachios until ripening and harvesting. And in the last days of the pistachio harvest season, the most pest of aflatoxin is absorbed by this type of pistachio. Since most of the pistachios consumed in Europe are supplied from the United States and the American pistachios are from the round & jumbo category, the demand for these two categories of pistachios, which is the Iranian equivalent of hazelnuts and kale ghochi, is usually higher. Rams have a better market. In examining the European markets in terms of market price elasticity, it should not be forgotten that pistachios with a valid aflatoxin certification have a high price for Europe, so for better competition, pistachios with perfect health and a more reasonable price should be used between the two options: hazelnut and ram. Suitable for hazelnut pistachio, which is more suitable for European countries due to its finer size. Due to the fact that in EU countries, the import of quality pistachios is more important than the import of large and good-looking pistachios, usually these countries do not have much problem with the size of pistachios and the best type of pistachio exported to the EU is hazelnut pistachio. However, this does not mean that other types of pistachios do not have a market in Europe, but even the export of pistachios to a country like Germany, for example, is very common.
The best pistachios for export to Arab countries:
For export to Arab countries, the study points are very different from Europe. Often, for importing pistachios to European countries, it is not necessary to obtain an aflatoxin certificate, and only the usual customs standards of sender and receiver are sufficient. Pistachios are much more. Arab countries also pay a lot of attention to the largeness and appearance of pistachios, which means that often the pistachios that are sent to Arab countries and are considered in those countries are the largest types of pistachios in Iran, and this is the hazelnut pistachio option. Removes from the market of these countries. On the other hand, Arab countries have less taste in using spherical pistachios and are usually more familiar with Long class pistachios or Akbari, Badami and Ahmad Aghaei. From this point of view, hazelnut and ramie options are largely eliminated from the market demand of these countries. Among the three types of Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei and Badami, due to the fact that the size of almond pistachios is usually small and about the size of a hazelnut, this type of pistachio is not used and in Arab markets, due to the market price elasticity, Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari pistachios are used. . Among the Arab countries, some countries usually use pistachios for re-export and sell different types of Iranian pistachios to other countries, and for this reason, there may be orders from the Arab markets to buy hazelnuts, Koleghoochi and less. Almonds should be given to Iran. According to the mentioned cases, the best export pistachio for Arab countries can be considered in accordance with the attraction of Akbari first market and in the second category of Ahmad Aghaei export of Iran.
The best pistachios for export to CIS countries, especially Russia:
In exporting pistachios to Russia, the first thing that matters is the price of pistachios, the type of pistachios is less considered for these countries, and the types of pistachios are considered in terms of price. Of course, it should not be forgotten that in the export of each product, the minimum standards accepted by the customs of both parties must be considered. The price has made it possible to usually use completely smoked pistachios in exports to Russia, or to reach the desired price by mixing natural smiling pistachios and smiling mechanics. Among Iranian pistachios, hazelnut and Ahmad Aghaei smiling mechanics are the cheapest types and are more suitable for export to Russia, but considering that quality can also be a competitive advantage, Ahmad Aghaei smiling is more suitable for Russia at low prices. It is considered the best pistachio for export to Russia.

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