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Late autumn is the time to renovate pistachio orchards, and fertilizing and revitalizing the soil is one of the main tasks that gardeners do during this time period. Which fertilizer is more suitable? Agricultural experts believe that the best way to improve the soil of pistachio orchards is to use animal manure, and among animal
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We all know that pistachio is a nutrient that is good for the body and also good for the health of the fetus during pregnancy, but in addition to the benefits of eating pistachios during pregnancy, it also has disadvantages that are mentioned in this report. Pistachio and its consumption in pregnancy Pistachio is used
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The Iranians have been cultivating pistachios for thousands of years. It was found and founded in Turkey, Syria, Egypt and North Africa. In 1930, pistachio seeds were taken from Iran to the United States and planted in California. At that time, pistachio was considered not as a commercial product but as a ceremonial and luxury
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Pistachio is one of the most important and stable members of Iranian nuts, whose potassium content is equal to that of orange with this small body, and it is very important due to its nutrients. Kerman province, Rafsanjan city and Sirjan city are the main centers of pistachio production in Iran. Four types of pistachios
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Timely harvest is very important in reducing early smiling pistachios and preventing growth and increase in the product, so choosing the harvest time in the product is very It is important therefore to choose the harvest time of the crop is very important. Choosing the right harvest time according to the type of tree transplant
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Three important factors that lead to the rapid development of agriculture in the twentieth century are: 1- Proper and balanced nutrition 2- Plant breeding 3- Fighting pests Of these factors, the role of nutrition is the most because a plant that has adequate and balanced nutrition is more resistant to diseases, a group of pests
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Pistachio harvest begins in mid-September and fresh pistachios gradually enter the market in September. Among the salient features of fresh pistachios are the following: 1- Pistachio taste: The most important characteristic of pistachio freshness is its taste, which is recognizable like other nuts. 2 – Pistachio color: Of course, it is a little difficult to
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Radiation frostbite occurs in perfectly calm weather, without wind and clouds, and in the hours close to sunrise. The layer of cold and heavy air that forms near the earth’s surface tends to flow down the slopes and depressions of the uneven areas of the earth. Therefore, due to their weight, the cold air flow
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Healing properties of coriander (wild pistachio) 1- Its fresh nature is hot and dry and its dryness is very hot and dry. 2- Eating coriander fruit is useful to strengthen sexual power. 3- Coriander is diuretic and diuretic. 4- For the treatment of simple diarrhea, the bark and leaves of this plant can be brewed
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Consumption of two servings of pistachios per day in diabetics reduces vascular occlusion during times of stress and improves cardiac neurological control. Although nuts are high in fat, they are good for fat, fiber, potassium and antioxidants. Due to the high risk of heart disease in people with diabetes, nuts are an important part of