Late autumn is the time to renovate pistachio orchards, and fertilizing and revitalizing the soil is one of the main tasks that gardeners do during this time period.

Which fertilizer is more suitable?

Agricultural experts believe that the best way to improve the soil of pistachio orchards is to use animal manure, and among animal manures, chicken manure is more suitable than cow and sheep manure, while they believe that chicken manure can not meet all the needs of the plant. Therefore, their recommendation is to use a combination of chicken, cattle and sheep manure.

Of course, gardeners have different opinions about the use of animal manures and some people recommend using each of them, which of course is due to the different experience of gardeners in different weather conditions, but the general story is that cow manure is more saline than sheep manure. The heavier the soil, the more productive the irrigation periods. In addition, cow manure has fewer elements than sheep manure.

Some other pistachio growers believe that chicken manure is more suitable and increases yield. Poultry manure is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and sulfur, but chicken manure has much less effect on improving physical properties and moisture retention than animal manures.

Of course, it should be noted that chicken manure is more suitable in conditions of severe nitrogen and phosphorus deficiency and less for southern soil and light medium texture, and in fact gardens that are irrigated with enough water with good quality, chicken manure is more productive.

Gardeners recommend that chicken manure is not allowed in areas with saline water and saline soil.

A few tips on how to fertilize

According to experts, the golden time to fertilize pistachio orchards is late autumn and early winter, and if gardeners act later, the possibility of physiological disorders such as yellowing of pistachio leaves is high. About the method of fertilizer application: Every 2 years, alternately, one side of the fertilizer tree should be placed under the soil.

The point of fertilizing pistachio orchards is to avoid pouring animal manure on the soil surface, especially in clay soils. Because sunlight causes the fertilizer to decompose quickly and wastes it.

Also, the presence of these fertilizers on the soil surface can absorb more water and nutrients and provide the plant, and this causes the roots of the trees to grow towards the soil surface, so summer drought and winter cold can threaten the roots of trees. Slowly

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