Koleghoochi pistachio with Akbari pistachio

Quality and expensive pistachios are considered to be the market for this type of

Pistachios have a good domestic and foreign market, which is a very high amount every year

This type of pistachio is exported abroad. This type of pistachio is a low-growing tree

And the leaf area of ​​the tree is so low that it causes the sun to

Do not damage the pistachio fruit easily. The export of Koleghoochi pistachio has a high reputation and popularity among other types of pistachios and most European countries want to buy this type of pistachio. The fame and popularity of Koleghoochi pistachio is due to its large kernel and also the delicious taste of this type of pistachio.

What is Koleghoochi pistachio and what is the opposite?

We can count many companies that export Koleghoochi pistachios in Iran. As you know, Iranian pistachios have always had many fans in many countries and many customers are looking for it to be able to buy Iranian pistachios, in the meantime, some countries by buying first-class products as buyers of quality Axis is known and others have introduced their price axis by providing low quality products as customers. Among all the countries, Lebanon can be considered an interesting option in the field of pistachio trade. This country has been able to introduce itself as a customer buyer of first-class products by purchasing first-class pistachios from Iran. Exporters of Koleghoochi pistachios in Iran

The fastest way to get pistachios

The fastest way to get different types of pistachios in Iran is by visiting the wholesale centers of nuts and pistachios in different provinces. Of course, many pistachio carpet companies have internet sites that buyers can visit through the sites. They also make their purchases online and the more they buy, the more discounts can be received. Of course, in addition to announcing the prices of pistachios, different sites also introduce pistachios that pistachio buyers can easily buy and receive the pistachios they need.

Production of different sizes of pistachios in the country

Pistachio can be described as a two-stemmed tree that belongs to the pistachio family, which is known as Iranian pistachio in terms of quality and quality. Pistachio can be mentioned as one of the most obvious and important agricultural products, which has extraordinary economic, environmental, social and اب dimensions of extraordinary importance. The production value of this unique and expensive product is about 10% of the country’s non-oil revenues.

Pistachio production in the country is produced in different sizes and with different degrees of quality and quality, which is one of the important types of pistachios that are produced in the country can be Ohadi pistachio, Koleghoochi pistachio, Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, Akbari cultivar Pistachio cultivars Abbas Ali and Qazvini pistachios mentioned that each have different sizes and a certain degree of quality. Of course, it should be considered that finding the best type of pistachio for planting can eventually lead to the production of the best pistachios with appropriate sizes, for example, Akbari pistachio tree produces one of the highest quality pistachios available.

What is Koleghoochi pistachio?

Koleghoochi pistachio is one of the many types of pistachios in Iran, which is one of the hazelnut cultivars, which is an average level of this cultivar, and therefore it can be said that it has good sales in the market. This type of pistachio is more sensitive to food and water shortages compared to other types of pistachios and also the fruit of this tree can be harvested in the second decade of September.

Koleghoochi pistachio along with Akbari pistachio are considered as quality and expensive pistachios in the market. There is a suitable domestic and foreign market for this type of pistachio, and a very high amount of this type of pistachio is exported abroad every year. This type of pistachio has a low growth tree and the leaf area of ​​the tree is very low, which makes it easy for the sun not to damage the pistachio fruit. On average, Koleghoochi pistachio contains about eighteen pistachios in each cluster, and the length of each cluster reaches about ten and a half centimeters.

Koleghoochi pistachio can be harvested from September, for example, around September 6, after which the amount of harvest of this product depends on the amount of cold required for this tree, which is useful for about six hundred hours, as well as suitable weather conditions. Premium pistachio conditions will be produced. It is noteworthy that many companies are active in the field of export of Koleghoochi pistachios. Of course, it can be noted that the main factor for the development and expansion of sales of this type of product is to consider two important issues that can be referred to as follows:

Fandoghi  shape

Large size

Sales rate of Koleghoochi pistachios in different parts of the country

In order to obtain the selling price of Koleghoochi pistachio in different parts of the country, one should receive advice from the sales experts of this type of pistachio. Due to the fact that Koleghoochi pistachio is famous and has good quality and appearance, its price is also relatively high, and because agencies and wholesale centers are not always easily available in the market, so the best method and the easiest way to Receiving the price of pistachios on a daily basis is to connect to the internet sites in cyberspace with a few simple clicks and receive the daily price, which of course has a great effect on reducing the price.

Distribution of pistachios below market prices in the country

In some cases, some pistachio wholesale companies in the country to compete with other competitors and also to gain newer customers sell and distribute pistachios below the market price in the country or announce that customers can contact the agency Relevant companies order their product. Also, today, these companies, by launching reputable sites, offer their products to customers at the most reasonable prices due to the lack of intermediaries and excellent quality. Today, it seems that the launch of Internet sites has become a good reason for the immediate sale of pistachios and has reduced the price of pistachios to some extent.

List of pistachio distributing companies in Iran

Many companies in Iran are selling and distributing pistachios in Iran. However, these companies also operate in the field of export of Koleghoochi pistachios and other types of pistachios under the license of the Iranian Nut Exporters Association. These companies produce and distribute different types of pistachios with different quality grades and in various packages. Depending on the type of pistachio and its quality, its amount, brand and packaging and other price factors are different. The names of some of the companies that are active in this field can be easily checked through various internet sites.

Koleghoochi pistachio along with hazelnut pistachio, Akbari pistachio and Agham Aghaei pistachio are the most important pistachios that are harvested in Iranian pistachio orchards and have a great commercial value. The most important cultivars of Koleghoochi pistachio are planted in Rafsanjan and Kerman. Fortunately, in recent years, compared to previous decades, Koleghoochi pistachio is experiencing very good sales and exports.

Specifications of high quality pistachio

In addition to favorable commercial characteristics, Koleghoochi pistachio is more sensitive to cold weather in spring because it flowers earlier than other types of pistachios, and the trees of this type of pistachio have stronger and thicker branches than other pistachios. They have. To determine the quality and quality, what is pistachio ounce? To determine the pistachio ounce, we weigh 142 grams of this pistachio and then count the pistachios as five seeds, and finally, any amount obtained is determined as pistachio ounce.

Finally, it can be concluded that the higher the ounce, the lower the quality and price of pistachios and, for example, the weight of each pistachio seed is determined. Of course, in the market, there is an example of low quality pistachios, which are locally called chickpeas and yellow or smiling water. When pistachios are sold by market intermediaries, these low quality samples of pistachios are mixed with high quality pistachios and at a higher price than the price purchased from farmers and gardeners as high quality pistachios in the market. It is sold, meaning that the purchase price of pistachios from the farmer is low and the selling price is higher in the market.

This type of pistachio has a much higher size and taste than some other types of pistachios and is more smiling than hazelnut pistachios, which sometimes it feels like the pistachio kernel is coming out of the pistachio body. Be. Of course, the buyer of pistachios or the buyer of pistachio kernels requires a high level of experience and skill when buying pistachios from the pistachio shopping center. In this case, training in buying and selling pistachios is important, but in general it can be said that Its quality is higher.

Production and packaging of Koleghoochi pistachios in different weights

Considering the production of this type of pistachio in the country, in terms of the amount and volume of production of this type of pistachio, it should be noted that the production of this cultivar in the country is in second place after hazelnut pistachio, which has different shapes and designs. The tree sells well in both domestic and foreign markets. Due to its reasonable and more cost-effective price than other types of pistachios, Koleghoochi pistachio is suitable for buying pistachio kernels and also pistachios. Different customers can buy different forms of this type of pistachio at more reasonable prices.

Advantages of using pistachios

One of the most famous and well-known types of pistachios in Iran is Koleghoochi pistachio, which can be named as one of the most commercial and economical types of pistachios in Iran. This type of pistachio is considered as a large cultivar and a round or hazelnut type. This type of pistachio is moderately smiling and its kernel turns dark red, the color of its bony shell is like dull white.

The popularity and fame of Koleghoochi pistachio can be mentioned in the coarse properties of pistachio kernels, as well as its very good taste and reasonable price, which is one of the advantages of using this type of pistachio. Of course, it can be said that in appearance, Koleghoochi pistachio has a similar appearance to hazelnut pistachio, but in fact, this type of pistachio is larger and heavier than the hazelnut type, which is why it produces fewer pistachios per kilo. includes.

Pistachio can have many properties for the human body:

It is very blood-forming

Strengthens the brain and mind

Relax and calm the nerves

Open liver ducts

Strengthens the stomach

Relieves cough

Immediate supply of Koleghoochi pistachio in Iran

Since buying pistachios directly and without intermediaries from the farmer is a difficult task for the people of the community, and since buying pistachios from the farmer at a low price and then packing and selling it in the market at a higher price is very profitable, including companies operating in This field makes many companies in the supply of different types of pistachios, especially Koleghoochi pistachios in the country, these companies are active in the supply of these products in the form of face-to-face sales or online. For example, online purchase of Akbari pistachios or Koleghoochi pistachios or various other types of pistachios is possible in Iran.

Also, many companies are active in the wholesale sales of Koleghoochi pistachios at reasonable prices and first hand in the pistachio buying and selling center, and some companies are active in the sales of pistachios in Tehran and other cities, such as Rafsanjan Pistachio Company, which is also in the pistachio auction. They also work. Due to the fact that the type of pistachio in Iran has a much better quality, quality and taste than other types of pistachios in the world, many customers are looking for this pistachio.

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